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“WARNING! A Crafty Woman”

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Warning, warning, warning!  Everyone needs to be aware of this type of woman especially our men (young and old).  She is crafty in a negative way.  She is a destructive woman; she kills marriages, families, strong men and even children.  The Bible warns us several times about this woman.  Let’s read about the type of woman that we should not be as a women and that our husband’s and sons need to stay away from.

What is a Crafty Woman?

The crafty woman has several names. She is called an Adulteress, Seductress, Wayward Wife, Immoral Woman and a Crafty Harlot.  The dictionary sums it up with the adultery definition:  “Voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her lawful spouse.”   This  definition applies to a husband or a wife who has sex outside of their spouse. However, our focus is on the woman.  The crafty woman can also be a single woman who is immoral or a seductress, one who will go astray with a man who is not her husband.

What are her characteristics?

Proverbs Chapter 7 warns us against the Adulteress.  Her characteristics are as follows:

  • (verse 7)  She will come after young men who lack judgement.
  • (verse 9)  She does her best work late at night.
  • (verse 10) She dresses like a prostitute and has crafty intent.
  • (verse 11) She is loud and defiant, her feet never stay home.
  • (verse 13)  She comes after a man and makes herself so appealing.
  • (verse 16-17)  She will set the atmosphere so that it is hard for a man to resist her.
  • (verse 18)  She is only looking for pleasure for the moment, no thoughts about the damage that will be done.
  • (verse 19)  She meets with other men while her husband is away.
  • (verse 21)  She uses persuasive words to lead men astray, she is a smooth talker.
  •  (verse 22- 23)  She gets men  to go after her “All at once he followed her like an ox going to the slaughter, like a deer stepping into a noose till an arrow pierces his liver, like a bird darting into a snare, little knowing it will cost him his life.”
  • (verse 26) She brings down strong men.
  • (verse 27) Her house is the way to hell.


In Proverbs 7, we are warned to stay away from this woman.  Verse 25 says “Do not let your heart turn aside to her ways, do not stray into her paths.”  The best way to guard against this type of woman is to follow the instructions given in Proverbs 7:1-5.  Keep the words of God stored up within you, make them the apple of your eye and place them on the tablet of your heart.  


If you know this woman, pray for her.  If you know a marriage or family who has been impacted by one spouse having sex with someone other than his/her spouse, pray for them. God is able to heal and restore.   Pray for our men, husbands and sons that they will not fall for this woman.  If you are this woman, I pray that God will help you to realize the damage that is being done and transform you.

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