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“Two Words You Need to Say Often”


There are two important words that can have a positive impact on any relationship. Most of us first learned to say these words when we were children.  These words are like music to the ears.  Sometimes people remember to say it, and sometimes they forget. However, whenever these words are remembered, they can bring blessings in your relationships, the workplace and everywhere.   This week’s post is to remind us to say, THANK YOU!” 

Did you know that research has been done on the impact of a sincere “Thank You?” Studies reveal that when people give a sincere thank you in the workplace and in their relationships, they make a positive impact.   Production increases and marriages stay together.  Saying the words “Thank You,” encourages, motivates and inspires people to do more and to give more.  

Yesterday, I came home and was pleasantly surprised to receive a gift from the Edible Arrangement store.  It was a box of chocolate covered strawberries from one of my mentees to say, thank you for something that I had done.  If you look at the picture above, you will notice that some of the strawberries actually say, “Thank you.” In addition to that, I received a text from my husband saying, thank you for all that you do and for simply being you.  What a double blessing!  I was so encouraged that, I want to remind everyone of the power of saying, “Thank you!”

 “Thank you” makes you feel appreciated, valued and increases the desire to help.  It feels good and it sounds good when it is sincerely expressed.  Have you said thank you this week? Often times people take things for granted and rarely say thank you.    Be intentional about sincerely saying, “Thank you” and expressing it in various ways.  

Every day God gives us various opportunities to say, “Thank you.”  We should start our day by simply thanking God for allowing us to see another day.  Thank Him for life, health, strength and so on. . .  We have so many reasons to be thankful.

 Psalm 107 says, “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!”   Think about the things that your spouse, child, co-worker, friend or family member have done and say, “Thank you!”

Until next week,







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