Marriage from A to Z

Principles for a Successful Marriage

“What’s on Your Schedule?’

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Do you have a date scheduled with the love of your life?  Hopefully you have something special planned for this month and for the weeks to come.  The 4th Principle for Having A Prosperous Marriage in 2018 is to “Schedule regular time together with your spouse.”   Be sure to treat your mate like he/she is your most important human priority.

With work, children, family, house duties, school and ministry, there is always something to do.  If you are not careful, your duties will  swallow every ounce of your time and before you know it, you have not had a date with your spouse in weeks or maybe even months.  Can any one identify?

The enemy’s job is to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).  If he can steal time from your schedule so that  you don’t have time to spend with your spouse, he can kill and destroy your marriage.  Don’t let the enemy win, and do not be ignorant of his devices.

Time waits for no one, and scheduling regular time together with your spouse is very important. God wants you to take time to nurture your spouse and your marriage on a regular basis.  Not having enough time together is a form of neglect.  Are you neglecting your spouse?  Is everything and everybody more important to you?

I want to encourage all of the married couples to keep dating and scheduling time for one another! If you are already doing well in this area, keep up the good work, and if not,  schedule a date.   If you can’t remember the last time, its been too long.  I am specifically challenging the married folks because usually, couples are good about dating consistently when they are courting or engaged however, after they say “I do, ” the schedule changes.  Be intentional and committed to scheduling time alone with your spouse.  Do whatever it takes.  God will be pleased, and your spouse too!

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