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“Are you a hypocrite?”

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Have you ever  been called a hypocrite? I have often heard people say; “Don’t be a hypocrite!”  Last week, I was reading Matthew 23 where Jesus is speaking and most of the words are in red.  He uses the word hypocrite several times, so this word stood out to me like never before.   I began to check myself, and I want you to check yourself.  Let’s  call this the “Hypocrite Check.”  Are you a hypocrite?  Are you married or in a relationship with a hypocrite?  If you are a Christian single, I want you to be clear on what it means to be a hypocrite so that you don’t marry one.


A hypocrite is defined as: “A person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc. that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. ”  That word belie means to show to be false and to misrepresent.

In several of the  verses (23, 25, 27 and 29) in Matthew 23  Jesus says, “Woe to you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites.”  Anything that Jesus constantly repeats in a passage should get our attention.  Jesus was angry and exposing the hypocritical attitudes of the religious leaders.


Let’s check ourselves and make note of what it means to be a hypocrite. These are just a few observations from Matthew 23.

  1. They knew the Scriptures but did not live by them.  (When we know the Word of God we should live by it) .
  2. They didn’t care about being holy, they just wanted to look holy in order to receive the people’s admiration and praise.  (A person’s outside is not always a good indicator of what’s inside.  Hang around long enough so that you can see what they are really about.)
  3. They know what the Bible says, but will not allow the Bible to change their life and behavior.
  4. They say that they are Christians but don’t live by God’s  standards of love.
  5. Their love for positions of leadership grows stronger than their love and loyalty to God.
  6. They act spiritual to cover up sin.
  7. They seem to be a success publicly but their private life is a mess. (It’s easy to present pictures that make your life look perfect on Social Media.)

To sum it up, hypocrites are people who are fake.  God wants us to be the REAL DEAL for Him.  We must check ourselves and make sure that our actions match or beliefs.  What are your actions saying?  What is your reputation?  Are you a hypocrite?  Lord help us to live our lives in truth and to honor you in the way that we live.

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One thought on ““Are you a hypocrite?”

  1. Nicole on said:

    As I prepared to post a hearty “AMEN!” to this post I thought, “Nicole, you’re missing the point already! CHECK YOURSELF!” So easy to see the speck of dust in everyone else’s eye . . . 🙂

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