Marriage from A to Z

Principles for a Successful Marriage

“Calling Wives of the D.M.V.”

    Try something different, spice it up, and keep your marriage fresh!  Are you a married woman who lives in the D.C., Maryland or Virginia area who is interested in taking a class to solely focus on your role as a wife?  Being a wife is a wonderful honor, and God wants you to be the best wife who you can be.  Maybe you are not a married, but you have a girlfriend or family member who is married and lives in the D.M.V.  This week’s post is all about the Marriage from A to Z Focus Study that is getting ready to start in one week.  Get Ready, Get Ready!  I am so excited!  There are a few  spaces available so I want to share.  I facilitate this class every other year and would not want anyone to miss this opportunity.

The Marriage from A to Z Focus Study is a 7 week class that starts on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Gleanarden, Maryland.  The last day of class will be April 17, 2019.  The course will be held for 7 Wednesdays from 7:00-9:00 PM.  Registration is taking place now and is only $15.00.  You will meet other wives, learn how to have a closer walk with God and your husband, be given biblical principles that will help strengthen any marriage relationship.  Where else can you get a quality teaching on being a wife for $15.00? 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself or anyone who may be interested in attending this class.  Do I want to learn Principles for a Successful Marriage?  Can I make myself available for 7 Wednesdays from 7:00 – 9:00 PM?  Do I have $15.00 to register? Would I like to have some other wives to walk along side of me to encourage me on my marriage journey? If your answer is yes, register today by clicking on this link:

Proverbs 18:22 says; “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.”  It’s hard to be a good thing if you have never been taught how to be good.  Being a good thing takes prayer, hard work, skills and intentionally applying biblical principles.  Time is running out!  Register today.


Until next week. . .





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2 thoughts on ““Calling Wives of the D.M.V.”

  1. Kiyah Tyler on said:

    Good morning! Is this class be open to engaged women?

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Good morning!
      Thank you for inquiring. When are you getting married? This one is for married women only. Last Spring I offered the class to singles and engaged ladies. Because of the content and the assignments given in this class every one has to be married.

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