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“I didn’t see it coming!”

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I didn’t see it coming is this week’s topic. I usually don’t have a subtopic, but I would like to subtitled this post as;  “Who let the dogs out?” (Lol!). Keep reading and you will understand why.

Have you ever had a bad experience in life or in your marriage that makes you say; “I didn’t see it coming?”  When you think about the experience, God reminds you of warnings that He gave you, but perhaps you didn’t act accordingly.  Warnings are very important because they advise alertness and give us notice of dangers ahead.   We have a choice in how we react to God’s warnings.  We can disregard them, forget about them or we can pay attention to the warning by using corrective action.  How do you respond to God’s warnings?  

Yesterday morning, I went for a walk in my neighborhood. Before I got to the end of my street, I was approached by three small dogs.  The dogs were barking loudly and before I knew it, they were standing at my feet and legs.  I had a towel in my hand and tried to use the towel to fight them off.  One of the dogs tried to bite me, but thankfully, he bit my pants leg and not into my skin.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see it coming because my head was down and my eyes were buried in my cell phone.  I was in the midst of sending a text (not good).  Thankfully, before the dogs tried to bite me again, the owner came running to the rescue. Praise Our God!!!

As I reflect on what happened yesterday, God begin speaking to me.  Many of the lessons learned are related to our relationship with God and our relationship with our spouse.

  1. Cover your spouse and family in prayer every day.  Pray for their protection.  We never know what a day will bring.  Yesterday morning when my husband prayed, he specifically prayed for my protection as I walked.  I believe it was the prayer that covered me.  There were three dogs and the one who tried to bite my leg was unsuccessful.
  2. When you walk, be observant of your surroundings at all times.  You should not have your head buried in a cell phone.  If my head was up, I would have seen the dogs coming.  Here I was sending a text while danger was right in front of me (SMH). It’s illegal to text while driving, perhaps I should apply this same rule to walking.  Our cell phones can be a blessing, but when we are texting or on the phone at the wrong time this is dangerous.  Don’t ignore your surroundings or the people in your presence.
  3. Pay attention to the warnings that God sends.  At least on two occasions, other neighbors told me to always walk with a walking stick.  I forgot all about this and left home without my walking stick. If I would have seen them coming and had the stick, the dogs would not have gotten as close as they did.

God is a good Father, and He sends us warnings to prepare us and to protect His children.  However, we must take heed.  God will give us warnings about things pertaining to our life, marriage, children, career, etc.  However, we must pay attention, listen to Him and make the necessary adjustments.  If not, danger could be ahead, and you won’t see it coming.


2 Thessalonians 3:3 says; “But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.”

Until next week .  . .




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4 thoughts on ““I didn’t see it coming!”

  1. Terrah on said:

    That was a good word!

  2. Charmaine on said:

    Great post! Glad you were covered in prayer and made safe! Guilty as charged. This past weekend while on vacation, my husband and I were sitting at an outdoor part of the resort having lunch watching the kids in the pool. We were looking at his cell phone and unbeknownst to us a squirrel had jumped on the table and tried to steal our food. OMG! I jumped with no words to warn my husband who didn’t see it at all for the cell phone! Funny now, but my my my scared me to death!

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