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Pay Attention!


     Last Sunday I saw one of my friends at church talking to one of the senior citizens who I adore.  I noticed how nice my girlfriend looked in a beautiful brown dress, shoes, purse and jewelry to match.  She was well put together.  I said you look so nice!  She said thank you, I come over here to talk to Ms. ________ just to get a compliment because I don’t get any compliments at home.

     It’s a hurting feeling to be married and your spouse doesn’t pay you any attention.  I know when I get my hair done differently or wear something different, I love when my husband compliments me.  I think sometimes we take each other for granted and feel like our spouse already knows how we feel, but let’s put a stop to this!  Give daily attention to your spouse so that they are not starving to get it from someone else.


   Take a good look at your spouse ever day.  Give a compliment when a compliment is due.  Acknowledge each other when you are leaving and entering the home.  Find out what kind of day your spouse has had.  Notice a new outfit, hair style/cut, etc.  Always remember, if you don’t want to give attention, somebody else will.   “Paying attention to your mate and your marriage can save you from having to pay later.”


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One thought on “Pay Attention!

  1. Rachel Nelson on said:

    It is so easy to take each other for granted. Thank you for the reminder!

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