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Gifts From God

Gifts From God

Psalm 127:3 says children are Gifts from God. God gives us our gifts as a reward from Him. I am thankful that God has allowed me to give birth to two precious gifts. My daughter Ciara is 13 and my son Ahmad is 11.
Last Monday my daughter Ciara woke up in pain and having problems breathing. To make a long story short, by Wednesday, my perfectly healthy child had been admitted into Children’s Hospital. She was diagnosed with a strong case of Pneumonia, fluid on the lungs, rapid heart rate, partially collapsed lung and high fever. All of this happened at once. Overwhelming! We are still in the hospital 7 days later and counting. Ciara has had surgery and is progressing.
Today I simply want to encourage you to value and appreciate your gift/s. Children are blessings not burdens. Treasure being a parent and having gifts from God. Seeing my daughter struggle to breathe and fighting Pneumonia has been life changing for me. I think we take raising kids and being in their healthy presence for granted.
God wants us to treasure every breath they take. You only get one shot at raising your gifts. God is holding you responsible to nurture, love and raise a Godly seed.

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5 thoughts on “Gifts From God

  1. Praise God for healing! It’s good to hear that Ciera is doing much better.

  2. Anissa on said:

    Carolyn, you are so right! Glad to hear that Ciara is progressing. Keeping you all in our prayers and thoughts.

  3. Sandra Pulliam on said:

    Thank you Carolyn for sharing. I lift you and your family up in prayer! Hugs and kisses to Ciara!!

    Sent from my iPad Sandra Pulliam

  4. Torrey on said:

    Thank you Carolyn for sharing this reminder and for always serving as a great example. Too often, we are busy trying to get things done or simply running the rat race of life. Our children need us now more than ever. They are young (small) for such a short time and we have to treasure this time. Praising God for his healing power and the good news of Ciara’s progress.

  5. robyn talbert on said:

    you are soo right, thank you… i will remember this especially when I have those “rough days” lol … i pray your daughter continues to get better quickly

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