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Let’s Celebrate!




     When was the last time you planned a celebration for yourself or someone special to you?  Hopefully, you can say it was recently.  Life is too precious and too short not to celebrate!  This week I want to encourage you to look for opportunities to celebrate. Make time to celebrate something for your self, a family member, friend or a co-worker.

     To celebrate is to observe a day or commemorate an event with ceremonies or festivities.  It can also mean to praise widely and to make known publicly.  Celebrations were held all throughout the Bible.  In Esther 9:18-20 the people celebrated with feasting, gladness and gift giving.  They celebrated to remember God’s specific acts.  

     Let’s take time to celebrate specific things that God has done and is doing.  Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, milestones or special achievements.  Every time that God allows you to see another day or year, its worth celebrating.  Each year that you are married and stay together, it’s worth celebrating. Don’t let another day, year or week go by without taking the time to celebrate something that God has done.  

     On Wednesday, November 6th, I will celebrate my birthday.  For a brief moment, I didn’t want to celebrate because I was focusing on the fact that I am getting older. God quickly reminded me of how much of a blessing it is to see another year and how much He has done through the year. I am also reminded of the fact that my mother who was a teenager while pregnant with me, could have aborted me, But God!   When I think about what God has done, I have a lot to celebrate.  Not only will I celebrate my birthday, I plan to celebrate the entire month of November. (smile) By celebrate the entire month, I mean that each day in November  I am going to be intentional about enjoying myself, doing what I like to do, trying something new, and spending more time with family and friends.  Really I will be celebrating for two months straight because next month we will celebrate the birth and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


     Don’t take another day, week or year for granted.  When you or someone you know has something special happening in their world, take time to celebrate!  Go out of your way to make someone else feel special.  Don’t let the day past as just another day.  Do something different, say something different, decorate, sing a song, light a candle, give a gift, eat a special meal, take a special trip and CELEBRATE! Don’t let the lack of funds stop you from celebrating.  You can celebrate without a dime in your pocket by writing a letter to share your feelings, singing happy birthday or just sharing your time.   Whether large or small, celebrating is important!   


Benefits of Celebrating

  1. It adds excitement to our days
  2. It adds excitement and fun to our relationships
  3. It gives us something to look forward to
  4. It’s a way of showing appreciation for what God has done 
  5. It allows us to honor and appreciate others
  6. It allows us to acknowledge and appreciate the special events in our lives
  7. It does the heart good
  8. It puts a smile on your face and on others
  9. It’s a way to bless yourself and others
  10. It pleases God

Until Next Week  . . .





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2 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate!

  1. Ellen Aubee on said:

    Awesome message!! This was the confirmation that I was asking God for. Thanking God for using you to make such an impact on my life. Happy Birthday!! May God Bless you abundantly with many more.

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