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“Aim to Please!”


     Why is it that we know what will please our spouse but sometimes we refuse to do it?  I think this happens when we are operating in our flesh and only thinking about ourselves.  I know that I am guilty!  Last week, I wrote about earning a good “Marriage Report Card.” I hope everyone was inspired to make good grades with their spouse.  This week I want to provide you with a focus that is sure to help you earn some good grades in your marriage relationship.

     Good grades are obtained when you find out what is required and you meet the requirements.  If the teacher says you have to read two books, turn in two 20 page papers, take a quiz and a test, you would.   You may not like the requirements but if you want to make good grades, you will do everything necessary to make good grades.  In other words, you “Aim to please!”  

     I encourage you to “Aim to please!”  Our first goal should always be to please God. Secondly, we should aim to please our spouse. God is pleased when we please our spouse.  Make a list of some of the things that you know pleases your spouse.  Be intentional about doing something everyday.  If you know that your husband likes a neat house, aim to please!  If you know that your wife likes when you help with the kids in the evening, aim to please.  Study your spouse and find out what pleases him/her.  Do it!  Don’t withhold good from your spouse.   

     In the book of Esther there are several verses where Esther says “If it pleases the king” (Esther 5:4, Esther 1:19, Esther 9:13).  If we want to maintain a happy and successful marriage this should be in the forefront of our minds.  If it pleases my husband or if it pleases my wife I will do . . .  

     This week’s message is simple, “AIM TO PLEASE!” 

Until next week  . .  .




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3 thoughts on ““Aim to Please!”

  1. Robyn Talbert on said:

    thank you for this posting, this is just another confirmation for me to continue doing the things I know my husband loves even though it may take a little extra effort when I’ve had a challenging day …

  2. Tamika S on said:

    Great message! I think we often forget what we have done to get our spouse and then we get really relaxed. I am engaged to be married this summer, and I have noticed in the engagement period it is harder than being a girlfriend. It’s like pre-wife because he wants to know that I am capable and likewise. I must admit I have been so consumed with finances, wedding, counseling, and everything else that I don’t please him as much or like I should. So my goal from now on is to aim to please.

    • Hello Tamika

      Thank you for your comment! I am teaching a class for single ladies who want to prepare for marriage. It would be great if you could attend. It starts in March. Are you local? The class will be taught at The First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Maryland. It will be held for six Saturdays from 10-12. If you are interested let me know.


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