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“Why Marriage?”


     One day I was in the lady’s room at church and over heard two teenage girls talking.  One of the girls was telling her friend that there was no need for marriage because, “all people do is get a divorce.”  She said, “Why should you pay to get married and then pay to get a divorce?.  You can just have a man and not get married.”  I was really disturbed by this conversation and felt like I should have interrupted their conversation with God’s purpose for marriage but I didn’t.  I am sorry to say that I missed that opportunity but left with insight on how many of our teens and some adults feel about marriage.

     When I was a teenager, I can remember dreaming about having a wedding and getting married.  However, I really didn’t know God’s purpose for marriage.  I just knew that I wanted to get married and have a permanent date.  Since spring and summer are prime times for weddings, this week I want to talk about God’s purpose for marriage.  I really didn’t learn God’s purpose until I received pre-marital counseling and later took a Homebuilder’s Marriage course.  So, if you would like to get married or know someone who is about to get married this week’s post is perfect for you.  If you are already married, I hope that this week’s post will serve as a reminder to you.  Take time to evaluate your marriage and see if it is fulfilling God’s purpose for marriage.

     Marriage is God’s holy institution.  God created marriage as a covenant relationship between one man and one woman. The whole idea of marriage came from God.  He designed marriage to last forever, “till death us do part!”  He designed marriage to be a priority relationship.  This means that after God, your spouse is the most important person in your life.  He meant for a man and a woman to be united as one.

    While in pre-marital counseling,   I learned that there are 3 main purposes of marriage from our Family Life Marriage Material.  They are easy to remember because each one begins with the letter M.

  1. Mirror God’s Image” (Genesis 1:27)  – God made marriage to mirror his image.  This is why it should be between a male and a female.  Together they reflect the image of God.  When a man and a woman come together as one, they are a living picture of the intimate relationship between Christ and the Church (his followers).
  2. “Mutually Complete One Another” (Genesis 2:18) – Another name for this one is companionship.  God provides companionship to help meet our deep longing for close, intimate relationships.  To mutually complete each other means that together we can create something that could not exist apart.
  3. “Multiply a Godly Legacy” (Genesis 1:28) – God said be fruitful and multiply.  Marriage provides the perfect foundation for having children. Raising children requires a team effort and both parents were meant to raise children. Also, it is important that we multiply a godly legacy.  This means that as a husband and wife, God wants us to teach our children about Him.  He wants us to raise a godly seed.  This applies to children that we give birth to, adopt or have a special place in our hearts.

In order for us to fulfill God’s purpose for marriage we must have a relationship with Him and follow His plan for marriage.  His plan can be found in the Word of God.  So to answer the question, “Why Marriage?”  Marriage is God’s way.  Marriage is God’s plan for reflecting Him on earth, having true companionship and for raising a godly seed.  Now of course we live in a world that has a different plan for marriage and for having children but who’s plan will you follow?  I am witness that  marriage God’s way works!


Until next week  . . .




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